Image of the TAeTTOOz materials for printing batteries

SCIENCE behind the magic

TAeTTOOz® is the solution for a seamless integration of secondary batteries into smart devices

One of the most features of TAeTTOOz® is that you can integrate the battery directly into your device. The newly developed materials are based on redox-active polymers. They allow for thin and flexible cathodes and anodes. When you combine them with with our matching electrolyte ink, you can print metal-free, all solid-state batteries on almost any substrate.

TAeTTOOz materials; for the anode, for the electrolyte, and, for the cathode

Choose TAeTTOOz® and enjoy the benefits of a  tailor-made solution. You get: 

• Our proprietary, exclusive technology

• The inks you need to print your battery

• Implementation support 

All you need are our special inks

TAeTTOOz® main advantages

TAeTTOOz® materials for printable, fully polymer-based batteries, deliver a host of benefits for both you and your products:

Flexible printed battery
  • design freedom
  • Flexible use
  • Seamless integration
  • free of toxic substances
  • rechargeability
  • scalable production